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Strategic Business Planning

Wheeler Business Consulting LLC works closely with management teams to facilitate strategic business plans. Scott Wheeler works with banks, independent leasing and finance companies, and origination firms to develop long-term visions and executable strategies for their organizations. The process includes on-site visits to understand the culture of the operation, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. The projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Exit Strategies
  • Building Stronger Balance Sheets
  • Realigning Internal Resources
  • Team Building
  • Developing Stronger Outcomes for All Stakeholders

Independent Leasing & Finance Company Projects

Wheeler Business Consulting LLC works closely with owners and management teams to identify challenges within their organizations and provide meaningful solutions to create better efficiencies and outcomes. Projects have included:

  • Product Development
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Automation Enhancements
  • Personnel Changes
  • Process Alterations
  • Exit Strategies

Clients often use Wheeler Business Consulting LLC as a trusted advisor and consult with Scott frequently about various projects and long-term initiatives. Acting as an outside advisor, Wheeler Business Consulting LLC receives monthly financial and activity updates for review and comment. Continuity, strong relationships, and full disclosure allow Wheeler Business Consulting LLC to participate in our clients' culture, progress, and ongoing strategies.

Bank Projects

Wheeler Business Consulting LLC works with executive teams within banks (especially community banks) to create strategies to enter or expand their presence in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry. The process includes on-site visits where Scott meets with executive teams, board members, operational staff, marketing departments, and business development officers. Wheeler Business Consulting LLC facilitates a comprehensive process, provides written reports, and assists banks in formulating their final strategies to build C & I assets. Wheeler Business Consulting LLC completed a research project and published a white paper for the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation entitled, "Community Banks and Equipment Finance - What It Takes To Be a Success." Continuing research allows Wheeler Business Consulting LLC to be a valuable resource for bank management teams nationwide.

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Rely on Scott Wheeler to help your business navigate your industry with confidence. Contact Wheeler Business Consulting LLC today for more information about strategic business planning.